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15 Year Fixed Mortgage

When it is time for you to find a mortgage loan that works best for you, a 15-year fixed mortgage could be the answer. This mortgage loan's interest rate does not change, is fully amortized over a defined period of time and is paid in-full at the end of the loan term. The shorter the term, the faster you build equity and the loan is paid off.

30 Year Fixed Mortgage

When you choose a 30 year fixed mortgage, you are choosing a mortgage loan you can trust not to change. For 30 years, you will pay the same principle and interest rate and at the end of the term, your loan will be paid in-full.

Fixed Rate Balloons

Fixed Rate Balloon mortgages are based on a 30-year amortization with a set principal and interest rate. While regular principle and interest payments are set in a 30-year amortization schedule, the unpaid balance (balloon) is due at the end of a shorter, predetermined term.

Fixed Rate with Temporary Buy-Down

Fixed Rate with Temporary Buy-Down allows borrowers or the seller to pay to temporarily "buy down" or lower the interest rate. A decreased interest rate will reduce the monthly payment. This loan comes with a lower interest rate and may be easier for borrowers to qualify. Your interest rate will typically be reduced by 1,2, or 3 years.
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Interest Only Mortgages

Interest Only Mortgages allow for no reduction in the principal amount and there is no provision for negative amortization. During the first 5, 10, or 15 years of the loan, only interest payments will be made. Your principal balance will not change and once the interest is paid off, the loan is amortized for the remainder of its term.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

An Adjustable Rate Mortgages creates the potential for the interest rate/payment to fluctuate. This type of mortgage transfers the risk of a changing economy to the borrower. In exchange for the sharing the risk, ARM's offer borrower substantially lower interests rates than fixed mortgages initially.